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Horny Secretary Phone Sex

Horny Secretary Phone Sex

Want Horny Secretary Phone Sex?

Things really heat up during Horny Secretary Phone Sex. You are sitting in your office late at night again. Your tie loosened and your sleeves rolled up as you continued to work. Let me help you relax!

I knock on your door and walk inside of your office when you invite me in.  I can feel your hungry gaze feasting on me, my tight curves in a dark gray pencil skirt and peach blouse. I sway as I move closer and lean over your desk. ” Another late night boss?”

I seduce you during Horny Secretary Phone Sex!

Making my way to you during Horny Secretary Phone Sex. Leaning down. I slowly take your tie into my hand and kiss your lips. Slipping my tongue inside and kissing you deeper. My hand slides down your body until I rub against your hard cock.

Teasing you with my fingers up and down through your slacks. Your arm goes around my waist as your other hand holds my hand flush against your hard-on. “Don’t start something you can’t finish sweetheart.” You whisper into my ear. And I ask how you want me.

You can’t keep your hands off me during Horny Secretary Phone Sex!

CEI Phone SexYou get up and lay me flat on the desk for Horny Secretary Phone Sex. Your hands slide up my soft legs and pantyhose until you unbutton and slide down my skirt. You see that I’m not wearing panties under my nylons as you unzip your fly.

Your big cock slips out as you slide it against me, rubbing against my pantyhose. I watch as you tear a big hole in my nylons, feeling your breath hit my hot pussy.  Ready for Horny Secretary Phone Sex? Give me a ring…1-866-833-9120

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