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Family Fun Phone Sex


Family Fun Phone Sex


Family Fun Phone Sex with Mommy Diana!

Did you have fun with mommy during Family Fun Phone Sex? Watching mommy clean & cook in nothing but a little apron & A thong. Bending over in front of you getting the house ready for a big dinner.

My bare nipples poking through my apron. Leaning down to serve you breakfast. Giving you a full view of mommy’s tits as my apron slid down. Holiday parties are always so much fun! You loving baking cookies with  your horny mommy in the kitchen.

Family Fun Phone Sex is so much fun!

All the cooking with mommy gets you so hot. Mommy never did like cloths especially when she cooks. I can always feel my sexy sons big hard dick poking up against my ass. One night you find mommy napping by the fire.

Wearing nothing but my thigh highs and my nighty. You sneak over to find mommy forgot to wear panties much to your delight. Mommy had  a few too many spiked egg nogs didn’t she?

Thirsty for my Family Fun Phone Sex?

You spread my legs and take in the sweet scent of my hot ginger cunt. Licking mymutual masturbation phone sex naked incest pussy lips feeling your hard young cock stand to attention. Daddy is gone again, working late.

Mommy never gets any attention. That’s ok, your the man of the house whenever he’s gone. You know exactly what I need don’t you!  Spreading mothers silky thighs wider as you drive your big dick deep inside me. Fucking me with your hard young dick during Family Fun Phone Sex.



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AB/DL Phone Sex

Looking for AB/DL Phone Sex ?

Does my naughty AB/DL Phone Sex baby need some attention? Mommy Diana AB/DL Phone Sexalways treats her Adult babies so good. From sliding that binkie in your mouth to some tummy tickles.

Maybe mommy swaps out that binkie for something else to suck on? Maybe mommy’s nipple needs be drained of all its titty milk.


Hungry for my AB/DL Phone Sex?

Go ahead and grab one of my big lactating tits. Its ok if you nurse on mommy’s big boobies. They are so much fun to play with. Now lay down on your changing table and lets get that nasty icky dirty diaper off.

Does your di di diaper need to be changed baby? Mommy slides off your plastic pants & your wet nappy. Your wet bottom needs a good cleaning. Mommy gets out the soap and water and gives you a sponge bath.


Mommy loves good clean AB/DL Phone Sex!

Mommy loves to bathe you! Making sure to clean your dick really well.  Its ok to tell mommy all about your big boy dick and the kind of attention you need. We can play games & get dressed (or undressed). Adult baby Phone sex can be very sweet or kinky.

Do you want mommy to be sweet and nurturing? Or is a mean mommy more your style? Need mommy to pull your pamper to the side and stroke your chubby and get all the baby batter out of your balls?


Great ready for my AB/DL Phone Sex!

Now spread your legs so mommy can wash deep in your butt crack. Time to get your balls clean while she fetches a new pamper. Before mommy puts on the powder I notice you have a little chubby.

Does my Adult baby want mommy to suck out his baby batter? Does my AB/DL Phone Sex need mommy to take away all his cummy cums? Or maybe you prefer if daddy comes in to play to.


Do you like your AB/DL Phone Sex kinky?

My AB/DL Phone Sex can be very kinky. I can have daddy come in and let you suck on his dick instead of a nipple. You love how big and hard daddy gets in your mouth. Its ok You can suck Daddy’s big cock and swallow all that cum in your tummy.

So nice and warm as my big boy eats all of daddy’s cum. Then once mommy turns you over to powder your butt daddy gets so excited again. His big daddy dick rubs up and down the crack of your clean butt.


Want to invite Daddy to our AB/DL Phone Sex?

Your chubby dick gets so stiff. You start rubbing against your clean adult diaper and humping the changing table while daddy fucks you. Sliding his dick in and out out of your tight little bottom.

Its ok to love Diaper Lover Phone Sex. Go ahead and share all your Diaper Lover experiences and fantasies with me. When did you start wearing adult diapers? Don’t you love the freedom it gives you?


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Do you love the way that crinkly clean smooth fabric feels against your cock and balls is a bonus. You can rub one off in your Adult Diaper and no one ever has to know. Using your Adult diaper to masturbate until you cum! Ring my line for hot and naughty AB/DL Phone Sex.

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Three Way Phone Sex

 Lets have Three Way Phone Sex!

To celebrate our anniversary, I decided to surprise you with a sexy Boudoir Trophy Wife Phone Sexphotoshoot. You open my bedroom door and see me on the bed in fine black silk lacey lingerie and red stiletto heels.

You take in the full view of my ample breast in my lacy demi cup pushup bra! My round ass is on display with my thong panties! Your getting hard just watching me walk in the room. Playfully twirling for the photographer.


Three Way Phone Sex fulfills your wildest fantasies!

The photographer snaps pictures of me as you watch and notice his raging hard-on straining against his pants. Three Way Phone Sex fantasies begin to form in yourmutual masturbation phone sexmutual masturbation phone sex mind hard and fast. Do you have a cuckold fantasy? Or long to join me in a love triangle?

You mind begins to wonder! Wondering how we would look making love as you watched. Us making love & putting on a show for you as you edged yourself. You feel your hard dick begin to twitch & throb. Maybe both of you can fuck me together!


Three Way Phone Sex Lets you explore your desires!

He gets in close on the bed and puts down the camera. You watch Three Way Phone Sexthrough the crack as he leans down to kiss me. It turns you on to watch him make out with your sexy older girlfriend.

I pull him close and grab his ass as he grinds his hard-on between my thighs. It’s so hot how he trails kisses down my body until he kisses over my panties.


Three Way Phone Sex can get as kinky as you want!

Watching another man undress me makes you so jealous but aroused. Pulling my panties down nice & slow. Sliding them down my smooth legs before he starts to lap at my mature pussy.

Your young dick get so hard as my moans fill the air. Quietly coming into my bedroom I don’t even hear you until are leaning right above me. My hot wet pussy juicy wet & ready to be fucked!


Take me now for Three Way Phone Sex

Gently grabbing my face and kissing me hard as you slide your tongue inside of my mouth. Your cock is so hard for Three Way Phone Sex. Ring my line for hot and naughty Three Way Phone SexBring a friend or lover if you like. Bring your girlfriend, boyfriend your partner or spouse!


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Mother Son Phone Sex


Mother Son Phone Sex

Horny for Mother Son Phone Sex?

Horny mommy needs Mother Son Phone Sex. My hot wet pussy longs for my twin sons. My cunt craving your  long tongues and hard cocks to make it all better. Daddy isn’t home to fuck me and make my pussy happy.

I know the way you look at me when I come out of the shower. Bring your brother and cum into my room. Lets talk about the birds and bees. Mommy needs to play with both of you. Don’t hold anything back from your dirty Diana!


I will fulfill your Mother Son Phone Sex fantasies!

Don’t be shy its ok to have some Ageplay fun its all in fantasy. We can keep it our little secret. Mommy loves how you both investigate my hot wet cunt for the first time. Licking and fingering it is so much fun.

Rubbing your cocks against my pussy lips during our Family Fun time. Why don’t you both pull your big hard cocks out! Show mommy how you stroke them. Mommy Diana loves to watch you both jerk off! It’s ok to cum for mommy together!


Stroke your cock to my Mother Son Phone Sex!


Do you stroke them together or alone? Want mommy to show you how to do it? Mommy would love to show her horny sons how to jerk it for me. Moving my soft sweet motherly hands up and down your cocks.

Now doesn’t that feel better. See how mommy does it nice slow and gentle? Don’t forget to give your balls lots of attention. Want mommy to suck your cock for you. Do you sometimes suck your brothers dick? Want to show mommy how you do that?


Mother Son Phone Sex is so much fun!

Why don’t you both take turns deep inside mommy. Mommy will bend over so one of you can slide deep inside me while the other one  fucks my mouth. What good boys you are. Doesn’t it feel good to play with mommy?

All of My motherly holes are ready & waiting for your cocks! Mommy loves double penetration! You can fuck my pussy while your brother fucks my ass! Or you could fuck my mouth while your brother fucks my ass & your sister licks my cunt! Lets get off together! Mommy will show you how!


Daddy doesn’t have to know about our Mother Son Phone Sex!

Daddy doesn’t need to know about our special play time. I will show you how to be men and make your future wives very happy. You will learn how to eat pussy and suck mommy’s clit.

Mommy loves having her pussy fingered & fucked slow and hard too. Is your sister curious about our play time. It’s ok to invite her in! Does she want mommy to get her pussy juicy for her big dicks! You both & mommy can fuck her together! Lets make this a family affair!


Mother Son Phone Sex is our little secret!

Its ok to be greedy and fuck mommy as much as you want. You will never forget our Mother Son Phone Sex. We have hours to play since daddy is gone all the time. We can take our time and really have fun.

No need to rush mommy has lots of time to play with you! It’s ok if your new to phone sex! Mommy will show you how to play with your cock & have fun! We can cum together! Want to hear mommy’s juicy wet cunt just ask! Mommy will put the phone between her legs & let you hear me fuck myself!


Call me for Mother Son Phone Sex Now!

Enjoy every inch of mommy’s curvy body. My ginger cunt needs lots of special attention. My fire crotch needs your incest dick hard & deep! Now be good boys and breed mommy like we talked about. I need lots of hard young cock in my incest cunt!

It’s ok to take turns with mommy! Mommy has all the time in the world for her horny sons! Let mommy make you feel good! Call dirty mommy for Mother Son Phone Sex at 1-866-833-9120 !

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Virgin Phone Sex

Are you a Virgin Phone Sex lover?

Virgin Phone Sex

Virgin Phone Sex starts with mommy cumming in your room to tuck you in. Slipping her hands under the covers to stroke your penis in your pj’s.

You always get so excited at bed time! Anticipating all the fun your going to have with your horny mommy. Dirty Diana loves to get your young dick so hard!

You love the special massages mommy gives you before bed every night. Mommy loves rubbing on your hard young dick


Ready to get your cherry popped during Virgin Phone Sex?

Even though mommy jerks you off every night you want more! Lately you have asking to suck on my big boobies while I jerk you off. Licking & sucking mommy’s nipples while I stroke your cock up & down.

What a naughty boy you are peeking on my mommy.  You have always dreamed of being inside of mommy. My hot wet pussy gripping your big boy cock so nice & tight! You beg & beg to fuck your ginger mommy!


Virgin Phone Sex fulfills your age play fantasies!

Todays your birthday and mommy has a surprise! Want mommy to make you a man today? We can enjoy incest ageplay together. Your can be mommy’s  Virgin Phone Sex slut. Lusting after my hot wet pussy all the time.

I know you have been so curious about what mommy looks like under her cloths. You peek on me sometimes but you want to see all of me up close! I caught you peeking on me the other day when I came out of the shower.

When I caught you in the hallway you were jerking your young dick! Cumming all over the place when mommy confronted you! It’s ok mommy cleaned you up with her hungry mouth. You got so hard when I sucked your hard young cock!


Longing for Virgin Phone Sex with Mommy Diana?

Would you like to show your big dick to mommy? Mommy will get on her hands and Family Fun Phone Sexknees and make your cock feel all better! You can play with my big boobies and suck on my hard nipples too.

Then Mommy will lay on her back so you can explore. Lick my pussy & suck my clit. Finger fuck me until I cum. Then climb on top of mommy and slide your dick deep inside. Unless you want mommy to get on top! Want to feel mommy hold you down & fuck you hard?

Mommy can’t wait to use your hard young dick! You can’t wait to cum deep inside your mommy’s wet cunt! My pussy feels so good as it slides up & down. You squeal & moan as I fuck you hard! What a good boy you are  for mommy!


Have Virgin Phone Sex with Mommy Diana now!

Don’t worry you can touch mommy anywhere you want. Fucking mommy in any position any time your cock is nice & hard! It’s just the two of us at home now! Daddy left years ago! Ready to be the man your mother needs?

Mommy loves your big incest dick in all her holes! Take control & tell mommy exactly how much you want her! Call me for Virgin Phone Sex! MILF Diana is ready & waiting to fuck you now! Mommy loves to be your dirty little slut.


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MILF Phone Sex


MILF Phone Sex

MILF Phone Sex is waiting for you!

Do you have MILF Fantasies? I can’t wait to indulge all your MILF Phone Sex desires. I do all the things younger girls won’t like Anal & deep throat. With age comes experience. I know exactly how to fuck you right.

Younger girls could never make you cum like I do. I know my way around a mans body. Are you a Phone sex virgin? Don’t worry I will teach you everything there is to know about sex! I will take care of you during Mature Phone Sex.

I can be your kinky MILF Phone Sex accomplice!

Anything goes when we enjoy MILF Phone Sex . I can be that kinky Accomplice who helps you seduce the girl in your class. Or maybe I am the horny teacher who lets you work harder for that good grade?

Want to be my toy boy? Hang out in my pool while I walk around in my thong and tease you? I love seeing how hard your young dick gets in your swim trunks. By the time I am done with you you’ll be begging to fuck me!


I will fulfill all your MILF Phone Sex desires!

MILF Diana

MILF Diana

MILF Phone Sex can be anything from the naughty MILF next door or indulging in a Mommy son role play. We can even explore your Age Play Fantasies . I love Fetish play & Family Fun.


I can be your naughty Mommy who teaches you how to use your cock for the first time. We can start off with Jerk off Instruction. We can watch each other from across the room in some hot and naughty mutual Masturbation. You don’t need those other girls when you have mommy.

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