Email Sessions

Want hot & nasty Email Sessions?

Want some additional attention outside of our naughty phone calls?

Let’s keep the love flowing with Email Sessions.  I just love keeping in touch with all my hot & naughty callers.  Email Sessions are kind of like Sexting Except we share our hot & kinky conversations together In email.

What are Email Sessions?

Email Sessions are different than just asking me a question or two via email. Email Sessions are when you want extra kinky sensual attention via email. Email Sessions are Like Dirty emails & Kinky Exchanges.

We can Enjoy all kinds of kinky role-plays & fetishes via Email.  Just another way to get you all warmed up before, after & between calls. Email Sessions Are great when your short on privacy.

When you unable to talk Email Sessions are the perfect way to keep our kinky connection going. Stoking the throes of passion through written word. Want to hear my voice instead but can’t talk? Ask me for a silent call.

A Silent call is when You speak just to order & tell me what you desire. Then during the call, I do all the talking. Can’t really order a silent call? MP3 Audio Recordings will be coming soon.

Email Packages are also great if you are feeling shy or nervous & make a great icebreaker to enjoy phone sex! They also make a great keepsake to enjoy again & again. Be sure to purchase a larger package if you like lots of responses with fewer interruptions.

How Do my Email Sessions Work?

You Buy one of my Email Session Packages below before our Email Sessions can begin. New callers whom I have never spoken to must touch base with me over the phone to verify age.

Your free to email me as much as you want during our Email Session exchanges. Each of my email session responses that you purchase will be between 80-100 words & cost $5 each. I have packages below for your pleasure.

Do my Email Sessions Include Pictures?

No pictures are included in my responses. However I have many pictures for free in my free blog. My uncensored more hardcore pictures are available for purchase separately in my store at a reasonable price of $5. Want my pictures?

Click Here to Buy my pictures here now!

What Happens Once I purchase Email Sessions With Diana?

Within 24 hours of Purchase (Or Sooner)  You will receive a Personal Email from me Confirming your purchase. Once I have Confirmed your purchase Our Email Session Can begin.

If you are unsure of a topic to discuss reach out. I am very open minded! I can’t wait to fulfill all your fantasies! Lets Keep the love flowing! You Are Welcome To Purchase Email Sessions To enjoy Any Time I am Available.

How much do Email Sessions Cost?

1 Email/$5

2 Emails/$10

3 Emails/$15

5 Emails/$25

10 Emails/$50

15 Emails/$75

20 Emails/$100

25 Emails/$125

Each of my Email Session Responses will be between 80 – 100 Words

My Email Sessions are Billed As Webtokens GA

Must Be 18 Years of Age or older & an Adult In your Country  To Purchase My Email Sessions.

Email Sessions are a Non Refundable Purchase.

Call me now at 1-866-833-9120 to purchase our Email Sessions.

Click Here to Purchase Email Sessions online