Filthy Phone Sex Freak

Filthy Phone Sex Freak

Are you a Filthy Phone Sex Freak ?

My freaky confessions don’t stop there! I like to go buy shoes with no panties.
I know a foot fetish freak when I see one. Looking at my feet licking your lips.
Handling my feet lovingly. Positioning my toes at your crotch as you measure me.

Get your Filthy Phone Sex Freak on!

I’m looking for a Filthy Phone Sex Freak! Anything goes when we play. I’m a horny Nympho hot and ready to play. I love Mutual Masturbation. When your looking for hot roleplays with a smoldering lady just call! We can enjoy your favorite fantasy or keep it spontaneous!

Do you find your hand wandering between your thighs as well? My pussy needs your dick!  Your Nympho Mistress is talking to you.  Grab your dick and call me You filthy perverted fuck!

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I know your hard cock is aching you Filthy Phone Sex Freak .
Look at you struggling with blue balls.  In the center of your room naked all greased
up on silky sheets! Surrounded by all of your wife’s used sex toys! Or are they your
mom’s sex toys? 
Do you go to the park and edge yourself in your boxers as you people watch? Do you
Slide a pair of panty hose on and feel yourself up? Maybe you slide that vibrating butt
plug up your ass and bounce on it?

Fly your Filthy Phone Sex Freak flag high!

I know your type…Beating off at work in the bathroom freak. Edging yourself in the
busy parking lot pervert! Panty sniffing used dildo licking horn dog! Foot worshipping
horny fuck! Call me lets set that freaky side of you free!

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Nymph Phone Sex


Nymph Phone Sex

Longing for Nymph Phone Sex?

Ready for Nymph Phone Sex? Let’s talk about how big my tits are baby and how much of a nymphomaniac I am, by having nymph phone sex. You can jerk off while I tell you stories about my experiences with others, men and women because I can’t seem to get enough sex.

I have been a Nympho for quite some time! My parents sent me to a therapist when I was younger! Fearful for my virtue because I was so over sexed! Trying to cure me of my sex addiction! I ended up flirting with the therapist! I had him in the palm of my well manicured hand!


I get so horny during Nymph Phone Sex!

My Therapist tried to be professional. With a quest to help me overcome my need for Nymph Phone Sex. However I knew all the right buttons to push! Soon I had him eating out of my hands & between my legs!

My parents paid thousands of dollars to get me therapy or so they thought! Every dollar spent on helping me get more dick! Endless hours of having my therapist try to resist my hot young cunt!

Only to end up on his hands & knees licking my pussy. Submitting to my ginger cunt! Moaning like a freak when I went down on him. His eyes rolling back as I took his nut! He was addicted to me by the time our sessions came to an end!


We can explore all your Nymph Phone Sex desires!

My therapist could not resist my Nymph Phone Sex if he tried! I took him he never had a chance! Sucking his mature cock as he ran his fingers through my red hair. Yes Diana just like that take it deep for  your Doctor. Of course what they say about red heads is extremely true!

Before long I was forcing him on his back & riding his dick! When my parents found out they were livid. All that hard earned money spent in an effort to turn me into a conservative lady. Only to realize their daughter is a dirty little whore who loves cock!


My Nymph Phone Sex is insatiable!

Nymph Phone Sex sluts like me are always craving sex! I am your horny dirty and sexy nympho whore mistress! With a never ending desire to fuck hardcore! I can be your horny nympho sister you fuck on our dads farm! Or your nympho office slut you fuck!

I can be your problem student that never behaves! I’ll be your Horny Nympho student that rides my Teacher’s Big Cock! That busty MILF Nymph neighbor that tempts you to cum inside. Devouring your young cock & draining your balls dry! That hot wife who’s Juicy Pussy stays well fucked.


I am your new Nymph Phone Sex Mistress!

What kind of Nymph Phone Sex turns you on? Are you a cuckold with a Nymph wife? Do you watch your wife have her steamy Interracial Fuck Sessions? Do I have a harem of lovers  I share with you?

I am so horny you can barely keep up with me! Choosing to edge yourself while you watch me with other men & women! Saving your nut for the end when you fuck me! I’m your HORNY NYMPHO  that you love to play with!


Are you obsessed with Nymph Phone Sex?

As a Nymph Phone Sex slut I am obsessed with having sex! As I write this I have a vibrator humming away deep inside my ass. Getting myself ready for my next caller! I  get all hot and my body aches for dick! My dreams & thoughts are all about all my steamy fantasies of fucking!


Call me for more Nymph Phone Sex!

When your ready for Nymph Phone Sex give me a call! My orgasms are really intense. Why am i so horny all the time? My therapist tried to figure me out! I don’t think there is anything wrong with constantly being aroused do you?

I am a horny woman who continually seeks sexual gratification. Craving Sexual activity compulsively! I am very promiscuous having many lovers of either gender & of any race! I love older men & younger men!

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Cum Eating Instruction

Cum Eating Instruction

Dip your fingers into my Cum Eating Instruction.

Cum Eating Instruction brings kinkiness to your jerk off Phone Sex! Do you want to eat my cum or your own? Need some kinky encouragement?  Or some of my lovers cum perhaps?

Do you long to cum into your own mouth? Or dig into my hot & sweet creampie cunt! It’s ok if your thirsty for both! We can explore either or both when your ready! I’m so here to fulfill all your cum eating desires!


Bow down for my Cum Eating Instruction!

Cum Eating Instruction is for horny cum lovers! Are you turned on by eating cum?Filthy Phone Sex Freak Want me to make you eat your own cum?  Craving the creamy sweetness of cum on your own lips! Taste that creamy goodness nice & slow. Savoring every drop!

The slippery slick feeling of fresh nut sliding down your throat. I will have you put your legs on the wall. Getting into position to ejaculate on your own face.  Shooting yourself in the face & mouth with your own cum!


Succumb to my Seductive Cum Eating Instruction!

MILF Phone SexWe can integrate your Cum Eating Instruction into your daily activities. Making you collect your own cum into a glass to swallow fresh upon my urging. I want to hear you swallowing your own juicy creamy nut!

Delighting in me encouraging you to taste your own juices! Obeying my every soft seductive command! My soft voice hypnotizes you into doing as I suggest! Seductive suggestion making you thirsty for hot salty semen!


Do you desire Cuckold Cum Eating Instruction with creampie?

Do you desire a Cuckold Cum Eating Instruction? Want to slide  between my legs after I have been fucked by a big hard cock?  Do you lick all my juices off his dick?Sexy Sultry Phone Sex Taking his second load nice & fresh in your mouth?

Licking my creampie as you stroke your own dick for dessert. You watched him fuck me with great hunger! Lingering close to my cunt as he shot his load in me nice & deep! Ready & waiting to swallow every single drop!


Want Cum Eating Instruction from a seductive soft mistress?

Cock Pleasing Phone SexWant to  taste the shame of your submission during Cum Eating Instruction?  I am your femdom mistress coaxing you to stroke your dick nice & slow. You can’t wait to  eat your own cum.

Of course you want to dip your fingers in. Tasting yourself nice and slow! I can be soft & seductive or edgy and humiliating. It’s all up to you! I’m here to fulfill all your nasty kinky desires! No matter how dirty we can dig deep into your imagination!


Two can ply at Cum Eating Instruction Phone Sex!

Cum Eating Instruction isn’t just cum eating. It can include  facials & cum kissing. Snowballing as we French kiss over your cum together! Cum Swapping while weAnal Auntie Phone Sex touch each other.

Come into my lair of kinky  Cum Eating Instruction!   I can’t wait to teach You how to Cum in Your Own Mouth. Putting your feet on the wall & aiming your cock at your face!

Jerking your cock madly until you shoot thick strings of cum into your mouth. Lick it up & swallow! Take in every single hot wet thick creamy bit! Whether you desire your own cum or someone else’s give me a call! We can explore all your cum eating fantasies together.

nymph phone sexFrom Eating your own cum, to dining on my creampie. We can even explore a gang bang bang! Where I get fucked by multiple lovers. Your edging yourself as you watch?

Or are you one of them whom fucks me? Do you help me sock cock? Or dine on my creampie? Does being in the middle of a circle jerk get you going? Call me for more Cum Eating Instruction fun!


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Family Fun Phone Sex


Family Fun Phone Sex


Family Fun Phone Sex with Mommy Diana!

Did you have fun with mommy during Family Fun Phone Sex? Watching mommy clean & cook in nothing but a little apron & A thong. Bending over in front of you getting the house ready for a big dinner.

My bare nipples poking through my apron. Leaning down to serve you breakfast. Giving you a full view of mommy’s tits as my apron slid down. Holiday parties are always so much fun! You loving baking cookies with  your horny mommy in the kitchen.

Family Fun Phone Sex is so much fun!

All the cooking with mommy gets you so hot. Mommy never did like cloths especially when she cooks. I can always feel my sexy sons big hard dick poking up against my ass. One night you find mommy napping by the fire.

Wearing nothing but my thigh highs and my nighty. You sneak over to find mommy forgot to wear panties much to your delight. Mommy had  a few too many spiked egg nogs didn’t she?

Thirsty for my Family Fun Phone Sex?

You spread my legs and take in the sweet scent of my hot ginger cunt. Licking mymutual masturbation phone sex naked incest pussy lips feeling your hard young cock stand to attention. Daddy is gone again, working late.

Mommy never gets any attention. That’s ok, your the man of the house whenever he’s gone. You know exactly what I need don’t you!  Spreading mothers silky thighs wider as you drive your big dick deep inside me. Fucking me with your hard young dick during Family Fun Phone Sex.



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CEI Phone Sex

CEI Phone Sex


Hungry for CEI Phone Sex ?

Love  fresh sweet & salty CEI Phone Sex? Who’s cum do you like me to coax you to eat. Maybe its your cum after some hot jerk off instruction. Or do you want to worship my cunt cum instead?

Want to jerk off in your own face? Legs up against the wall! Jerking your hard cock off while its aimed at your face? I will encourage you to follow through. Telling you to open your mouth & swallow your own load!

Do you have secret Creampie Cuckold desires?

Or are you a hot cuckold husband begging for some fresh creampie? Maybe you prefer to suck your wife’s lover’s hot load yourself? Taking that big fat thick creamyTrophy Wife Phone Sex wet load for her!

Do you want to wait until that hot stud fills your wife with his creamy cum? Lapping it out of her cunt like milk? Devouring her pussy and licking out every drop of his jerk off juice!

Of course you’ll never get Every drop! When you stick your dick in her she is still wet & sloppy from his cum! You love those sloppy wet juicy sounds! Sweet like a ripe melon you can’t wait to lick her clean!


CEI Phone Sex lets you explore your desires!

Whatever your pleasure we can explore your desires together. I can instruct you how to stroke your dick & rub your balls. You may choose to also massage your prostate with a vibrator.

I can work in some Jerk off instruction into your Cum eating instruction too. Encouraging you to pleasure yourself. Slowly edging yourself nice & slow. Fulfilling your every dirty desire!


Want me to show you how to pleasure yourself?

Massaging your sensitive prostate to orgasm! Finally cumming into a bowl, dish, or glass for me. Then purse your precious seed to your lips & swallow. Mmmmmmn delicious creamy sweet so good and smooth.

Self love is the best! Lets masturbate together! Listen to my hot wet cunt as you jerk off for me. Cumming into a glass or bowl as you ejaculate! Catching all that creamy cum as it shoots out! Then devouring it all nice hot & fresh!


Need me to teach you how to have CEI Phone Sex ?

Or maybe I teach you how to eat my pussy. Rubbing my cunt with my fingers or toy. Sitting on your face just as I am about to cum. Squirting my delicious juices all over your face & mouth.

Drenching you in my lady juices! Your so hungry you form a tight seal around my pussy! Licking all my creamy pussy juices and some of your own! Devouring that sweet & salty goodness as I squirt all over your face & in your mouth!


Does my creampie pussy make you hungry?

Of course you will eagerly be dining on my lady juices. Sweet heavenly fresh nectar that pours down your throat. Feeding you one drop at a time. Ever hungry the busy bee you are dining on my cunt. Sweet as a blossoming rose.

Just thinking about my hot wet juicy pussy makes you salivate! Your always willing to devour my pussy on command! Cumming up behind me to pump me full of your hot fresh load! Then immediately licking all your cum out of my hot well fucked cunt!


Is cuckold part of your CEI Phone Sex fantasy?

Perhaps you are the cuck husband? Your wife just got freshly fucked by a big dick. You watched inches from her pussy. She got on all fours as you lay under her cunt.Cum Eating Instruction Pressing your face as close as you could get.

Watching that hot stud fuck her from behind. That big huge 9 inch dick sliding in and out! What a beast! Spreading your wife’s pussy nice & wide! Pounding her cunt nice and deep. Her pussy juices & his precum drip into your willing & waiting mouth!


Long for creampie?

Edging yourself up close to all the action. Waiting for her to sit on your face so you can dine on her freshly fucked creampie. Watching as her stud lovers balls get nice & tight. Waiting for him to pump your wife full of his thick cum!

Cuckold Phone SexI will coax you through CEI Phone Sex. Teaching you how to lap up all that delicious goodness. You know you want it! Desiring to be a dirty creampie pussy licking freak!

Hoping he will slide that cock in your mouth instead of her cunt! Cumming down your throat instead of her pussy! Craving that hot wet cum so badly! Your so hungry for that studs sweet salty juices aren’t you?


I will encourage you to enjoy CEI Phone Sex!

Whether you crave my cum, another mans or your own call me! My soft sultry voice will seduce you. Never rushed I like it nice and slow! Just the way Phone sex used to be. When your desiring a classic but kinky experience.


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Tease and Denial Phone Sex

Tease and Denial Phone Sex


Ready for Tease and Denial Phone Sex ?

I have fun with Tease and Denial Phone Sex. Teasing  you, getting you hard as your mutual masturbation phone sexeyes are  taking in the skimpy outfits I have on. My short dresses or skirts, tight jeans or barely there shorts. Skin tight dresses that look like they are painted on. Showing you the outline of my ass, curve of my hips.

Sometimes my outfits leave very little to the imagination. Tease and Denial Phone Sex brings you to the edge. Wearing short dresses & skirts with no panties is even better. Getting & keeping your dick rock hard while I twirl my hair and look your way.

I love flirting & teasing with you. Tempting you & drawing out your sensual torture. Making you want me so bad! Until your dick is throbbing & aching for me! Making you beg for my hot wet pussy!


Lets get nasty during Tease and Denial Phone Sex!

If I am feeling really nasty I make sure and put on a good show. Making sure to pullSoft Voice Phone Sex my jeans or shorts between my cunt lips. Showing you my camel toe. Or even better, wearing no panties at all.

So when I bend over in my barely there skirt or dress you get a hint of pussy or ass. Last night I went on until the  late hours of the morning. Burning the midnight oil while giving some of you my very best Tease and Denial Phone Sex


Lets take our time during Tease and Denial Phone Sex!

We can take our time during Tease and Denial Phone Sex! Edging you for 15-30 Taboo Phone Sexminutes before letting you blow your load. Some of you even slid on a cock ring. To make sure you stayed hard at least 30 minutes (or more).

I love being your Tease and Denial Phone Sex seductress. When your ready to be edged seduced teased and denied give me a call! My soft sexy voice will purr in your ear as my words lull you to orgasm!


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Stocking Fetish Phone Sex

Stocking Fetish Phone Sex


Stocking Fetish Phone Sex seduces your senses!

Anytime I slip a pair of nylons on I feel sexy. Dressing sexy brings out my inner goddess. I love the attention you give me when we play. Imagine the silky feel of my ass crack  through my nylons.

I get so hot during our Stocking Fetish Phone Sex calls. My pussy gets so wet through my panties or control top pantyhose when we play. My nylons cling to my skin. Your hands and lips feel so good sliding up my silky smooth stockings.


Do you love Stocking Fetish Phone Sex?

I love to wear stockings and pantyhose. Wearing sexy lingerie turns the both of us on. Nothing feels sexier than silk satin nylon and lace against my skin.  I can be your seductive sex kitten or your kinky goddess.

I can be nurturing and soft or sensually demanding. I love all the attention you give my feet toes and calves. My legs look & feel so good in your hands. You stare longingly at my long smooth legs as you rub them.

Stocking Fetish Phone Sex fulfills your desires!

Your tongue seductively slides up the length of one leg and then the other. Licking and kissing me through my pantyhose stockings. I catch you smelling my skin through the silky smooth nylon fabric.

Running your thumb up the line in the back. Kissing and sniffing the crotch of my pantyhose slow and deliberately as you blow on my pussy. Making me hot as you kiss me through the crotch of my stockings.


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BBC Phone Sex

Confess your dirty BBC Phone Sex desires to me!

I love it when you call me for BBC Phone Sex. Confessing all your dirty deeds to me. BBC Phone SexTelling me how you and your wife go pick up a hot stud with a big black dick.

At first you love watching them together. The way they make out kissing undressing and touching  each other.

You can feel your dick getting so hard in your pants. Then when your hot wife gets on her knees and takes that big black dick into her mouth you go crazy.

Watching your wife with her lips wrapped around a black 10+ inch dick. Sucking it nice and slow. Your dick is leaking precum. Your cock throbbing as you watch that big meaty throbbing black cock .


Craving BBC Phone Sex?

Black cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Watching his big fat mocha dick bending your wife over and fucking your hot wife. You can’t help but touch yourself during BBC Phone Sex. She invites you over to lick her pussy as her hung lover pounds her hard!

As you lick your hot wife’s wet cunt that big black cock slides out of her pussy into your eager mouth. As you suck that big fat black dick hungrily you feel your own cock throb with desire.


Share your BBC Phone Sex experiences with me!

You watch enviously as that big black dick begins to fuck your hot wet wife again. Her pussy makes the hottest wet slapping noises as that hot hung stud pounds her. You salivate as you ready for your chance to suck his ebony dick again.

You watch as your wife came all over that big black ebony dick. You see his balls tighten. You place your lips right beneath her hot wet cunt and lick. Eagerly awaiting his cum. Soon that well hot stud blows his load  hard in your wet wife.


Get ready for BBC Phone Sex!

All his fuck juice, his creamy seed pouring into your mouth. Obediently you lick every drop. Once again he slides his  big hard black dick into your mouth to suck. Allowing one more load to shoot deep into your mouth.

Then your wet wife sits on your face and grinds her creampie cunt against you. As you lick her pussy clean you feel his cock spanking your ass. You surrender your tight ass to his big black dick. He pumps your ass nice and slow.


Take my BBC Phone Sex deep!

You feel his dick slowly getting harder and harder. Grabbing your hips with his big strong hands as he thrusts his big black hard cock inside you. Massaging your prostate as he reaches around and jerks you off.

Both of you cum together as you clean up your wife’s well fucked cunt! Loving every inch of that Big black dick deep inside you. Feeling it violate you as it thrusts in and out of your tight married man pussy!


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Seductive Mommy Phone Sex


Lusting for Seductive Mommy Phone Sex ?

Seductive Mommy Phone Sex

Are you ready for Seductive Mommy Phone Sex? My sweet little virgin, you are mommy’s good boy. I know you have been away to college and you miss me. Those college sluts just can’t compete with your seductive mommy.

I know exactly how to make you feel so good. Your hard young dick always begs for mommy’s attention. You are on the bed between my thighs as you worship my pretty mature pussy.


Hung for Seductive Mommy Phone Sex fun?

Your always so hungry for Seductive Mommy Phone Sex. Eating me out like a ripe peach as you lap up my juices. Pushing your tongue in deep, making me moan as you tongue fuck me.

I get up and push you down as I mount you. Slowly, sliding down on your thick cock as I start to ride you.  That fuck stick of yours pushes  deeper inside me. You begin to moan then you start to thrust your hips under me.


Submit to my Seductive Mommy Phone Sex!

When you hold me and pull my hips down on you, I go crazy. We cum so hard as you fuck me like a savage. Keep fucking mommies pussy. I know you are insatiable.  No one fucks you as good as I do.

Those college sluts could never satisfy you the way I can. Mommy always makes you feel good! Do you need mommy right now? Call me for Seductive Mommy Phone SexReady for Horny Secretary Phone Sex?


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Cuckold Phone Sex

Confess your Cuckold Phone Sex desires to me!

Cuckold Phone SexTell me about your Cuckold Phone Sex desires. Do you like it when your hot wife takes a big black dick? Does she bring men home? Do you watch her get fucked?

Or do the two of you pick them out together? Your wife looks so hot on her knees for big black dick. Twelve solid hard meaty inches of chocolate fuck meat sliding in and out of her mouth.

Go ahead and confess how you love to help her suck dick! Do the two of you suck cock together? Or do you just watch as you edge your cock? Lets be honest…You love having that dick all to your self! Long to spread your cheeks and take a big cock while your wife watches?


What kind of Cuckold Phone Sex turns you on?

Your lips wrapped around that hard fat black fuck stick. Throbbing black cock sliding in and out. Grab a dildo and show me how much of a greedy cock sucker you are. Bring a friend when you call me & suck his cock for me on the phone. Don’t be shy!

I love cuckold husbands who never hold back. The two of you found your big black stud in the personals. A tall muscular well hung  escort with massive man meat. At your hotel room the two of you took turns getting him hard.


Want to help me suck cock during Cuckold Phone Sex?

Taking turns sucking and stroking his big fat dick. Teasing his dick until it was as hard as it could get. Then your hot wife bent over for his cock. He slid his big black cock in and out of her tight wet pussy. You could be laying underneath her as she takes it doggy style.

Then you can get a birds eye view of all the kinky fun. Does his cock slide out of her cunt into your mouth? You love the up close action. Licking her pussy as he fucks her nice & deep! Your mouth ready & waiting for him to cum deep inside her hot wet married pussy!


Give in to my Cuckold Phone Sex!

You couldn’t resist sucking on his big black balls as he fucked her. She came all over his big black dick. Long streaks of her cum on his cock. Then She laid down on the bed and waited for you. Your mouth salivated at the site of her creampie cunt!

Greedily you licked all your wife’s cunt juice off his mocha cock. He licked your man pussy as you licked her cunt. Then you slid your hard cock in your wife and reached back to spread your cheeks.

Waiting for that big 12 inch thick mandingo dick to violate your tight little married ass. Your man pussy getting filled to the brim. Moaning as he sodomized you nice and slow. Getting ass fucked as you cum deep in your hot wife!


Take my Cuckold Phone Sex now!

The harder he fucked you the harder your dick got. And the harder your dick got the harder you fucked your horny wife. She loved how hard you fucked her wet pussy. So juicy from being fucked by that huge black horse cock.

Then he came inside you, breeding you like a bitch in heat. As you came in your wife’s eager pussy. That well hung stud fucked you both all night long. You and your sexy hot wife fucking his massive fat dick together.

Then after he left you licked out your wife’s fresh creampie. Savoring every drop of his cum as well as your own. Licking her pussy dry from every drop of thick sweet salty semen.  Call me when your ready for more Cuckold Phone Sex!


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