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Tease and Denial Phone Sex

Tease and Denial Phone Sex

I have fun with Tease and Denial Phone Sex. Teasing  you, getting you hard as your eyes are  taking in the skimpy outfits I have on. My short dresses or skirts, tight jeans or barely there shorts. Skin tight dresses that look like they are painted on. Showing you the outline of my ass, curve of my hips.

Sometimes my outfits leave very little to the imagination. Tease and Denial Phone Sex brings you to the edge. Wearing short dresses & skirts with no panties is even better. Getting & keeping your dick rock hard while I twirl my hair and look your way.

If I am feeling really nasty I make sure and put on a good show. Making sure to pull my jeans or shorts between my cunt lips. Showing you my camel toe. Or even better, wearing no panties at all. So when I bend over in my barely there skirt or dress you get a hint of pussy or ass.

Last night I went on until the  late hours of the morning. Burning the midnight oil while giving some of you my very best Tease and Denial Phone SexEdging you for 15-30 minutes before letting you blow your load. Some of you even slid on a cock ring. To make sure you stayed hard at least 30 minutes (or more).

I love being your Tease and Denial Phone Sex seductress. When your ready to be edged seduced teased and denied give me a call! My soft sexy voice will purr in your ear as my words lull you to orgasm! 1-866-833-9120

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Three Way Phone Sex

 To celebrate our anniversary, I decided to surprise you with a sexy Boudoir photoshoot. You open my bedroom door and see me on the bed in fine lace lingerie and red stiletto heels. The photographer snaps pictures of me as you watch and notice his raging hard-on straining against his pants. Three Way Phone Sex fantasies begin to form in your mind hard and fast.

 He gets in close on the bed and puts down the camera. You watch Three Way Phone Sexthrough the crack as he leans down to kiss me. It turns you on to watch him make out with your sexy older girlfriend. I pull him close and grab his ass as he grinds his hard-on between my thighs. It’s so hot how he trails kisses down my body until he kisses over my panties.

Sliding them down my smooth legs before he starts to lap at my mature pussy. Your young dick get so hard as my moans fill the air. Quietly coming into my bedroom I don’t even hear you until are leaning right above me. Gently grabbing my face and kissing me hard as you slide your tongue inside of my mouth. Your cock is so hard for Three Way Phone Sex.

Ring my line for hot and naughty Three Way Phone Sex.

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Wet and Wild Phone Sex


Wet and Wild Phone Sex

Wet and Wild Phone Sex can be anything you want. We can have Sex in the shower where I lather your body up with soap. Making sure to lube up your big hard dick with lots of slick soap. Your hands soap up my big perky tits and nice firm ass. Soon your soapy fingers are sliding in and out of my hot wet cunt.

Why stop there, How about a clean dip with lots of bubbles. Let’s have some messy fun! Lets get nasty in the hot tub.  Sitting naked right out of the shower in the luxury of a nice warm hot tub with jets and bubbles. Right on the porch underneath the nights star lit sky. Anything can happen under the water. Maybe I sit on your lap and see what pops up. Out door phone sex can be lots of fun.

Afterwards Join me in the bedroom, I am all oiled up for you. We give each other Sexy massages.  I can’t wait for you to rub that warmed scented oil all over my big tits. My red hair piled up high on my head. As your Sexy Massage girl I rub my sexy hands all over your entire body. Your expert hands massaging and kneading my round breasts and perky  nipples. I start to spread oil all over your chest and cock. We start slipping and sliding on the bed as we make out like two teenagers. Your  cock is so hard while I help you apply the baby oil to your rock hard fuck meat.

I am tightly pressed against you as I slather more warm sensual oil on your skin, my big breast’s sliding against you as we are face to face. I kiss you deeply as my hands roam all over you. You touching every inch of your skin. My fingers glide over your stomach. I bend over as you shine up my full ass cheeks with your big strong hands. Your throbbing cock pushing against my ass crack. I spread my cheeks as you rim my tight little ass hole with your nice slick dick. Your fat cock slipping and sliding out of my tight little ass. Go ahead lets get freaky!

I am your naughty milf next door. I can also be your sexy sister or your hot and nasty mommy. Join me for some sexy and wet body worship.  All fetishes and fantasies welcome. I can’t wait to be your freaky phone sex slut!

Call me for Wet and Wild Phone Sex 1-866-833-9120                                              Email me at 

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JOI Phone Sex

JOI Phone Sex

JOI Phone Sex is red hot.

It makes me so hot when you touch yourself for me during JOI Phone Sex. Your sitting on the bed naked in front of me  slowly teasing your fat cock. Stroking it up and down with your big hands. Jerking off as I instruct you how. Looking into my eyes as you rub your fat dick nice and slow. Enjoying every moment of your Jerk off Instruction.

I will lead you through Jerk Off Instruction.

I want to hear you moan as you slide your hands over that thick shaft. The veins popping up as you slowly squeeze your cock. Slowly drizzle lube over the head of your cock as you watch it slide down your shaft and balls. Glide your hands over your balls and smother that lube all over until you are all slick. Press your thumb over the head of your throbbing cock.

JOI Phone Sex turns into Mutual masturbation.

Caress your balls gently in your hand as you massage the cum out of them. Now stroke your shaft up and down nice and slow. Feel the heat building up in your balls as you stroke harder. Pumping your cock with your fist faster as you listen to me touch myself. Mutual masturbation phone sex makes our session even hotter.

Call me anytime for JOI Phone Sex.

My sexy moans filling your ears as I finger my wet pussy. I get off as I’m listening to you stroke your fat cock. So slick and wet with precum. I want to hear your moan for me as you continue stroking it . Call me when your ready for JOI Phone Sex.

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