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CEI Phone Sex

CEI Phone Sex


Hungry for CEI Phone Sex ?

Love  fresh sweet & salty CEI Phone Sex? Who’s cum do you like me to coax you to eat. Maybe its your cum after some hot jerk off instruction. Or do you want to worship my cunt cum instead?

Want to jerk off in your own face? Legs up against the wall! Jerking your hard cock off while its aimed at your face? I will encourage you to follow through. Telling you to open your mouth & swallow your own load!

Do you have secret Creampie Cuckold desires?

Or are you a hot cuckold husband begging for some fresh creampie? Maybe you prefer to suck your wife’s lover’s hot load yourself? Taking that big fat thick creamyTrophy Wife Phone Sex wet load for her!

Do you want to wait until that hot stud fills your wife with his creamy cum? Lapping it out of her cunt like milk? Devouring her pussy and licking out every drop of his jerk off juice!

Of course you’ll never get Every drop! When you stick your dick in her she is still wet & sloppy from his cum! You love those sloppy wet juicy sounds! Sweet like a ripe melon you can’t wait to lick her clean!


CEI Phone Sex lets you explore your desires!

Whatever your pleasure we can explore your desires together. I can instruct you how to stroke your dick & rub your balls. You may choose to also massage your prostate with a vibrator.

I can work in some Jerk off instruction into your Cum eating instruction too. Encouraging you to pleasure yourself. Slowly edging yourself nice & slow. Fulfilling your every dirty desire!


Want me to show you how to pleasure yourself?

Massaging your sensitive prostate to orgasm! Finally cumming into a bowl, dish, or glass for me. Then purse your precious seed to your lips & swallow. Mmmmmmn delicious creamy sweet so good and smooth.

Self love is the best! Lets masturbate together! Listen to my hot wet cunt as you jerk off for me. Cumming into a glass or bowl as you ejaculate! Catching all that creamy cum as it shoots out! Then devouring it all nice hot & fresh!


Need me to teach you how to have CEI Phone Sex ?

Or maybe I teach you how to eat my pussy. Rubbing my cunt with my fingers or toy. Sitting on your face just as I am about to cum. Squirting my delicious juices all over your face & mouth.

Drenching you in my lady juices! Your so hungry you form a tight seal around my pussy! Licking all my creamy pussy juices and some of your own! Devouring that sweet & salty goodness as I squirt all over your face & in your mouth!


Does my creampie pussy make you hungry?

Of course you will eagerly be dining on my lady juices. Sweet heavenly fresh nectar that pours down your throat. Feeding you one drop at a time. Ever hungry the busy bee you are dining on my cunt. Sweet as a blossoming rose.

Just thinking about my hot wet juicy pussy makes you salivate! Your always willing to devour my pussy on command! Cumming up behind me to pump me full of your hot fresh load! Then immediately licking all your cum out of my hot well fucked cunt!


Is cuckold part of your CEI Phone Sex fantasy?

Perhaps you are the cuck husband? Your wife just got freshly fucked by a big dick. You watched inches from her pussy. She got on all fours as you lay under her cunt.Cum Eating Instruction Pressing your face as close as you could get.

Watching that hot stud fuck her from behind. That big huge 9 inch dick sliding in and out! What a beast! Spreading your wife’s pussy nice & wide! Pounding her cunt nice and deep. Her pussy juices & his precum drip into your willing & waiting mouth!


Long for creampie?

Edging yourself up close to all the action. Waiting for her to sit on your face so you can dine on her freshly fucked creampie. Watching as her stud lovers balls get nice & tight. Waiting for him to pump your wife full of his thick cum!

Cuckold Phone SexI will coax you through CEI Phone Sex. Teaching you how to lap up all that delicious goodness. You know you want it! Desiring to be a dirty creampie pussy licking freak!

Hoping he will slide that cock in your mouth instead of her cunt! Cumming down your throat instead of her pussy! Craving that hot wet cum so badly! Your so hungry for that studs sweet salty juices aren’t you?


I will encourage you to enjoy CEI Phone Sex!

Whether you crave my cum, another mans or your own call me! My soft sultry voice will seduce you. Never rushed I like it nice and slow! Just the way Phone sex used to be. When your desiring a classic but kinky experience.


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JOI Phone Sex

JOI Phone Sex

JOI Phone Sex is red hot.

It makes me so hot when you touch yourself for me during JOI Phone Sex. Your sitting on the bed naked in front of me  slowly teasing your fat cock. Stroking it up and down with your big hands. Jerking off as I instruct you how.

Looking into my eyes as you rub your fat dick nice and slow. Enjoying every moment of your Jerk off Instruction. Stop Jerking off alone! Let me show you how to massage your big dick! I love hearing you masturbate for me!

Dirty Diana is ready to  instruct you on how and when to cum! Call me when you need Masturbation instructions! I love giving masturbation encouragement!  I can give you jerk off lessons! Don’t stroke that big  bone alone! Bring that big hard cock to me!


I will lead you through Jerk Off Instruction.

I want to hear you moan as you slide your hands over that thick shaft. The veins popping up as you slowly squeeze your cock. Slowly drizzle lube over the head of your cock as you watch it slide down your shaft and balls.

Glide your hands over your balls and smother that lube all over until you are all slick. Press your thumb over the head of your throbbing cock. Let me be your personal  JOI Mistress! Jerk it for me now!  I can’t wait to make you cum!

I love talking dirty to you as you make your dick & balls nice & slick! Bring your toys too! I can tell you exactly what to do with that cock ring, vibrator, Butt plugs, nipple clamps & pocket pussy! JOI Phone Sex can get really kinky!


JOI Phone Sex turns into Mutual masturbation.

Caress your balls gently in your hand as you massage the cum out of them. Now stroke your shaft up and down nice and slow. Feel the heat building up in your ballsCum Eating Instruction as you stroke harder.

Pumping your cock with your fist faster as you listen to me touch myself. Mutual masturbation phone sex makes our session even hotter. Want me to control your orgasm? Commanding you what to do with your body! Dominating your pleasure?

 I will cater to all your needs! Making you rock hard! We can prolong the fun or get you off fast if you need a quickie!  Have your favorite porn close when its time for our Jerk off session together!  I love telling a man how to masturbate & when to cum!

Call me anytime for JOI Phone Sex.

Prefer to be in control? Want to turn your JOI Phone Sex into Mutual masturbation? My sexy moans filling your ears as I finger my wet pussy. I get off as I’m listening to you stroke your fat cock.

I love it when you give me good clean strokes! Edge yourself nice & slow to my voice! Lets get hot & nasty together! Want to hear my juicy wet cunt ? Just ask & I will let you hear how wet I am for you! Want to eat your own cum? We can include some tasty cum eating instruction too!

Let me hear you jerk it for me! So slick and wet with precum. I want to hear your moan for me as you continue stroking it . Call me when your ready for JOI Phone Sex.  For a live phone sex session call 1-866-833-9120 ! I can’t wait to make you cum! Jerking off for me is only half the fun!  Jerking off is so much better when we do it together!

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