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AB/DL Phone Sex

Looking for AB/DL Phone Sex ?

Does my naughty AB/DL Phone Sex baby need some attention? Mommy Diana AB/DL Phone Sexalways treats her Adult babies so good. From sliding that binkie in your mouth to some tummy tickles.

Maybe mommy swaps out that binkie for something else to suck on? Maybe mommy’s nipple needs be drained of all its titty milk.


Hungry for my AB/DL Phone Sex?

Go ahead and grab one of my big lactating tits. Its ok if you nurse on mommy’s big boobies. They are so much fun to play with. Now lay down on your changing table and lets get that nasty icky dirty diaper off.

Does your di di diaper need to be changed baby? Mommy slides off your plastic pants & your wet nappy. Your wet bottom needs a good cleaning. Mommy gets out the soap and water and gives you a sponge bath.


Mommy loves good clean AB/DL Phone Sex!

Mommy loves to bathe you! Making sure to clean your dick really well.  Its ok to tell mommy all about your big boy dick and the kind of attention you need. We can play games & get dressed (or undressed). Adult baby Phone sex can be very sweet or kinky.

Do you want mommy to be sweet and nurturing? Or is a mean mommy more your style? Need mommy to pull your pamper to the side and stroke your chubby and get all the baby batter out of your balls?


Great ready for my AB/DL Phone Sex!

Now spread your legs so mommy can wash deep in your butt crack. Time to get your balls clean while she fetches a new pamper. Before mommy puts on the powder I notice you have a little chubby.

Does my Adult baby want mommy to suck out his baby batter? Does my AB/DL Phone Sex need mommy to take away all his cummy cums? Or maybe you prefer if daddy comes in to play to.


Do you like your AB/DL Phone Sex kinky?

My AB/DL Phone Sex can be very kinky. I can have daddy come in and let you suck on his dick instead of a nipple. You love how big and hard daddy gets in your mouth. Its ok You can suck Daddy’s big cock and swallow all that cum in your tummy.

So nice and warm as my big boy eats all of daddy’s cum. Then once mommy turns you over to powder your butt daddy gets so excited again. His big daddy dick rubs up and down the crack of your clean butt.


Want to invite Daddy to our AB/DL Phone Sex?

Your chubby dick gets so stiff. You start rubbing against your clean adult diaper and humping the changing table while daddy fucks you. Sliding his dick in and out out of your tight little bottom.

Its ok to love Diaper Lover Phone Sex. Go ahead and share all your Diaper Lover experiences and fantasies with me. When did you start wearing adult diapers? Don’t you love the freedom it gives you?


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